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Member Benefits

1.     PROCEEDINGS of the Biennial Conference of NPA

All other content previously published in the Proceedings and Addresses, including minutes of board meetings, divisional business meetings, and divisional executive committee meetings, will now be available online only.

2.     NPA Newsletters

Many NPA committees produce newsletters of high quality, peer-reviewed scholarship. The NPA’s current committee would include the following:

a.     Newsletter on African Philosophy

b.     Newsletter on Philosophy of Science

c.     Newsletter on African Metaphysics

d.     Newsletter on Philosophy of Law

e.     Newsletter on African Philosophy of Literature

f.      Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers

g.     Newsletter on Philosophy and Law

h.     Newsletter on Philosophy and Medicine

i.      Newsletter on Teaching Philosophy

3.     Job Placement Service

NPA membership includes free use of the placement service at the three annual divisional meetings.

4.     Philosophy and Praxis (Journal of NPA)

5.     Committees

Only NPA members are eligible to serve on the NPA’s committees.

6.     Voting Privileges

Regular members (including emeritus members) affiliated with a division of the NPA are entitled to vote on divisional and association matters. Members elect officers of their respective divisions and also vote to approve amendments to the national association and divisional bylaws as well as resolutions.

7.     Paper Submissions

Only NPA members are eligible to submit papers for consideration on the divisional programs.

8.     Grants and Prizes

Only NPA members are eligible for most NPA prizes and fellowships, and nominations for most prizes are accepted from NPA members only. NPA prizes and fellowships recognize excellence in scholarship in a variety of areas of philosophy and from scholars at all career stages.

Further, the NPA grant fund accepts proposals from NPA members only. Past funded projects include conferences, workshops, podcasts, mentoring programs, and outreach efforts.

9.     Meeting Registration and Hotel Discounts

NPA members receive discounted registration and hotel rates for the three annual divisional meetings.

10.  Discounts and Saving

11.  Books and Journals

NPA members receive discounts on philosophical books and journals that are featured in the NPA Shopping List.


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As a benefit of NPA membership, we are able to offer you the one-year JPASS access plan for $99—a 50% discount on the listed rate. JPASS includes unlimited reading and 120 article downloads from more than 1,500 humanities, social science, and science journals in the JSTOR archival collections.