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Kwasi Wiredu, the greatest Ghanaian philosopher had in 1980 posed an innocent question, “what can philosophy do for Africa?” Long before Wiredu’s poser, the Times Magazine of London had quipped on the 7th January 1960, “what (if anything) to expect from today’s philosophers?” These posers provoke the suggestion that, there is some doubt as to the functional role of philosophy and or philosophers today as opposed to that of Accountants, Lawyers, Engineers, Medical practitioners, etc. However, contemporary Africa has experienced and continues to experience enormous distress which these other professions have not been able to address. Under such circumstances eyes turn to the philosopher for solutions. Thus, the urgent need to reflect on Africa’s journey towards redemptive healing and human development becomes the philosopher’s task. The conference thus invites papers from academic philosophers and other members of the intelligentsia interested in philosophy on all aspects of philosophical fields with the intent of leveraging on the epistemic, metaphysical and ethical role of philosophy in nation building and development. The subthemes of the conference include but are not limited to the following:

The Practice and Standards of Philosophizing in Africa; African Indigenous Philosophies and Heritage Resources; Ethnic Identities, Self Retrieval and African Development; Philosophy for Development; Philosophy and the Humanities for African development; Philosophy and Science; Philosophy and Governance; Philosophy and Corruption in Africa; Philosophy, the Family and Sexuality; Ethical Issues in Africa; Economic Philosophies and African Development; Leadership and Political Philosophies in African Democracies; The Evolution of African Philosophies; Philosophy, Party Politics and Political Participation; Gender Issues in African Development; Philosophy and National Integration; Philosophic Science and National Development; African Philosopher’s and Leadership Question in Africa; Methodological Issues in African Philosophy; Epistemology, Metaphysics, Aesthetic and African Development; Philosophy and Religion in Africa Today; any other topic relevant to the theme.


Abstract of not more than 250 words on 12 pts Times New Roman should be sent to: on or before September 30th, 2016


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  1. Members-
    • Professorial Rank: N5,000.00 conference Reg. fee + N10,000.00 biennial dues
    • Senior Lecturers: N5,000.00 conference Reg. Fee + N6,000 biannial dues
    • Lecturer I and other ranks: N5,000 conference Reg. fee + N4,000 biennial dues
  1. Foreign Participants: $100.
  2. Non members: N10,000

Accommodatiodation ranges between No, 500 – N15, 000.

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Selected papers will be published in a special volume of The Nigerian Philosophical Association Journal: Philosophy and Praxis and Conference proceedings, of the NPA.


Direct all correspondences to:

Prof. Alloy S. Ihuah                       or                                       Dr. I. F. Esikot

Secretary, NPA                                                                          Secretary, LOC

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