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Welcome to the Official Website of the Philosophers Association of Nigeria. Since its inception, the association has often bore the name “Nigerian Philosophical Association”, which changed in the year 2017 after some documentation at the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Henceforth, the organization shall operate virtually through this website. This implies that membership registration,payment of annual fee, submission of abstract and articles for publication, and other functionalities are enabled on this website. It is important to know that the PAN Members Forum, as well as informative pages on this website, is only accessible to registered members who would be able to login with their membership annual pin. To obtain your “Unique pin”, you must Register! Be assured that PAN has put all facilities (such as free access to philosophical resources and links) in placeĀ  to ensure that her members enjoy the maximum benefit and privilege of belonging to this main professional body for Philosophers in Nigeria.

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Distinguished Professor Jim Unah,
President, Philosophers Association of Nigeria.
Contact:; +2348023030746